No Good For Nothing Part 2

This has been up for a few months, but it just got a proper overhaul. I love this remix, and now it’s got a fresh coat of gloss!

John Chandler – Half Crazy (On A Full Moon)

John Chandler wrote this thing as a ballad. We sat down over some whiskey and took it someplace else. He’s got his ears open and is currently performing a slightly different version of the song, but this one is ours!

This is probably the most complicated bit of vocal production I’ve undertaken to date (60+ vocal tracks over several sessions) and I think it came out pretty good! It’s also the first track I’ve finished at my new studio.

Unstoppable Death Machines – Once In A Lifetime – Fake Money Remix

These brothers are good friends of mine and they have a rad band. Our (musical) worlds don’t overlap often but once in a while, some disco shit happens.

Soundcloud link


Got a new one from Kontakt today.


Disco Zomo

This Sunday it’s happening at Eastern Bloc in the East Village! Bring yr glitz, bring yr glitter, let’s get down to it. There’s no cover charge and there will be drink specials all night.

disco zomo

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Last Stand @ Cameo Gallery this Saturday

It’s that time again! These parties are always fun. The downstairs space at Cameo is a great place to go nuts, it’s cozy, the sound system is good, and the bartenders Ezra and Joseph are some very sweet dudes. It’s always free, just say hi to the door guy and head downstairs. Facebook event is here.


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Last year on Fire Island we made a real questionable stop-motion film telling the story of Nautical Oedipus with characters like Aerborne Octopus and Dick Shark. Then we wrote an electro-surf theme song to explain it all.

IC Motion 2014 Reel

Music and sound design by yours truly.


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