No Way Josie @ CMJ

We’re going to be kicking of the Mezzoforte CMJ showcase at Mercury Lounge this Saturday! We got our regular crew together, with Sam Merrick pounding his thunder-drums and Henri de la Vega melting hearts with his tenor sax.

Facebook event is here and tickets can be purchased here.

cmj flyer


Halloween is next week and it’s time to die.

cherylween vii

CHERYL is having their 7th CHERYLWEEN party. It’s happening at Secret Project Robot and I will be joining DJ Nick and DJ Grandma Internet for a guest set.

From the CHERYL press desk:

It’s the 90s. It’s Halloween. You’re into space exploration. And you’re BI.

Dave Navarro, Margaret Cho
DiFranco and Garofalo
Jason Priestley, Luke Perry
Take an E at the foam party

R Kelly, Mister Clean
Both such bossy bottom queens
Kimmy Gibbler, Rachel’s hair
Dana Sculley, dance on air

They had condoms, they had boobs
Dennis Rodman’s frosted pubes
Cyber me this afternoon
Baby tees, we love you.

Blossom’s watching Home Alone
Fax me if you wanna bone
Tell your family, tell your friends
We’re here, we’re queer, it all depends…



Cameo Gallery Friday 10-3

We got the usual suspects for tomorrow night: questionable flier design, handsome bartenders, a great sound system, a tiny, sweaty dance floor and the same top quality disco you’ve come to love and expect from the sleazy party warriors of the Last Stand. This one’s a bit of a blend between two parties that are joining up for one night, and I have no idea what the Indi-Pentant folks are about, so let’s get loose and see where this goes!

Cameo Gallery (downstairs)
Friday, October 13
No door charge!

last stand 10-3-14

No Good For Nothing Part 2

This has been up for a few months, but it just got a proper overhaul. I love this remix, and now it’s got a fresh coat of gloss!

John Chandler – Half Crazy (On A Full Moon)

John Chandler wrote this thing as a ballad. We sat down over some whiskey and took it someplace else. He’s got his ears open and is currently performing a slightly different version of the song, but this one is ours!

This is probably the most complicated bit of vocal production I’ve undertaken to date (60+ vocal tracks over several sessions) and I think it came out pretty good! It’s also the first track I’ve finished at my new studio.

Unstoppable Death Machines – Once In A Lifetime – Fake Money Remix

These brothers are good friends of mine and they have a rad band. Our (musical) worlds don’t overlap often but once in a while, some disco shit happens.

Soundcloud link


Got a new one from Kontakt today.


Disco Zomo

This Sunday it’s happening at Eastern Bloc in the East Village! Bring yr glitz, bring yr glitter, let’s get down to it. There’s no cover charge and there will be drink specials all night.

disco zomo

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