Monthly Archives: November 2009

Got That Tonic

Fake Money brings you twisted spines and 909s, bad flu and good medicine, robotic radio hydro and nuff warm milk. Corn/castor/codliver/we stay slippery.

Get that.

Tonight, 11/23 at Home Sweet Home!

So I didn’t know about this until I saw the flyer…today….

I’m not feeling so hot and the gear is in shambles but WE WILL BRING GLITTER AND A HEAP OF HUUUAAAH to this Monday night dance party.

11pm. Come out!

Huh? This works? Yes?


Here’s what we’ve got so far. New releases will be put up as they come out the oven, but here’s what came before. Unless otherwise noted, everything is available to download for free. Just tip your DJ and make sure he/she has my shit on blast. Okay?

God Save The Crew!


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