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Got That Cheer.

It’s 1:00pm on a Saturday. You’ve got a nasty cold. There’s a holiday party at 5:00. You’ve got nothing to bring. No fruitcake, no cider, no popcorn, no babes. But there’s a synthi in the corner and a mic against the wall and you have a blood-disco level of about ninety percent, and if you have to listen to “Simply/Having/A Wonderful Christmas Time” one MORE time you’re gonna bust a vessel in your neck…Okay. It’s settled. You’re gonna put on your thinking cap, run through a few scales and bang out some New Shit for the mistletoe kids. From these humble beginnings sprouts your new favorite humble holiday jam.

The Rules:

1. You’ve got four hours to write, record, mix, master and burn a holiday song to CD.
2. Everyone in the house (including pets, roommates, roommates’ lovers and the handyman) has to contribute some vocals.
3. Drink Tall Cans.

So…We got Sleezy D, Keef Kringle, JP “Do-Me” Tres, A.F. Greene, Marie “Soph Dog” Ulian, and, of course, the incomparable Jack Dumpsey with some fresh seasonal bounce.

As always, the download is free. Hit the down-arrow button to the right of the player.

Hup hup!


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