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NYCMessQueen January Fashion Show Mix!

Friday night there’s a fashion show! I don’t know shit about fashion shows, but here’s the blurb from BUST:

“Now in its third annual year, The Fashion Front Awards works to recognize some of the most talented in the industry. This season promises to award designers who take risks and bend the rules, all to produce unique and interesting fashion. Among this year’s Headline Designers is our beloved, innovative leggings designer Courtney Gamble, AKA MessQueen”

Badass, huh? Here’s the mix I made for Courtney. It’s a shorty at just under 20 minutes, mixed in key, eclectic as fuck. Download it for free if you like it! Tracklist after the jump. NYCMessQueen January Fashion Show Mix by FAKE MONEY

Come to the show!
Friday, January 28th, 2011 at 9:00pm
Greenhouse club, 150 Varick Street

Tracklist (some of these songs were chopped up beyond recognition for certain elements, and there’s a lot of original stuff in here too. It’s a god damn easter egg hunt.)

Synchronize – Discodeine ft. Jarvis Cocker
Countdown (Designer Drugs Remix) – Jupiter One
Secret Lover – Private
Reminder – Honeythieves
New MIA Song – Death To The Throne
Set Your Money Up – Keri Hilson
Split the Atom – Noisia
Useta Know Her – DJ Quik
Jeffer – Boys Noize
Got that Tonic – Fake Money
Black Phantom – Fukkk Offf
Tight Pants – Ninjasonik
One More Chance – Pet Shop Boys
Come Out (Le Castle Vania Remix) – 120 Days
Too Fake – Hockey
Spaceship – Snob Scrilla / Bag Raiders

All Right! Or, Fuck This Shit, I Guess

Okay, enough. Enough frozen sleet stuck to the glasses, enough frozen, soggy toes, enough busting ass on hardpack snow-ice-dirtshit. Stoicism can only take you so far (as far as the grave) but it’s finally time for the guy who doesn’t bitch about the weather to start bitching, in earnest, about the weather. Anyone who rides a bike for a living gets an extra few rounds at the bar tonight, and every night til this shit clears up.

And that’s it for my winter griping. Nuff said.

Oh, also fuck hyphenated last names. I’m sick of walking into fancy buildings and asking for a package from Horselily Lancaster-Bogenrouge. It makes me feel like an asshole. When you get married, pick one. Got it?

Movin': The Bike Messenger Anthem for the Cold, the High and the Hungover

Well, the last of the last big snow is disappearing, thanks to several days of freezing rain. Oooof. Messengers rejoice! Here’s a celebratory track, hot off the Papes-grill. Stoned Tone, Sunny D and myself are proud to present “Movin’,” the new banger written, produced, recorded and given out for free by messengers, for y’all, as the closest thing we can come up with to a panacea for frozen toes, broken bones and diminishing returns. Of course, if you want to donate, you can name your own price after clicking the BUY NOW link. Zero bucks works fine. Five bucks works better. Five Euros would change the course of human history.

So yeah, this one’s dedicated to anyone freezing balls (or tits) making their living on a bike in the big city. This master’s extra-loud for your busted earbuds. Keep yer skullys tight, bellies covered and knees wrapped up. And your rubber on the street, for fuck’s sake.



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