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Fake Massive — Trigger Pulled!

Welp, there’s no going back now. I’m officially joined the ranks of Dudes Who Roll Like That.

Aaaaaand it’s amazing.

This plug is fucking KILLER

I never post tips ‘n tricks. Here’s one.

In the making of the new track for the upcoming CHERYL: THE FUTURE video (I’ll post it when it’s out) this little free guy totally saved my ass, in a very “off-label” kind of way. The “morph” slider is cool; it’s sort of like a portamento for your delay time, so when you make an abrupt change it smoothes it out over the time period you choose.  It goes from 10ms to 10 seconds. Almost any sound source can be turned into a musical, phased stereo sweep or made to disintegrate completely. It’s a bitch to capture its output sometimes though, so always be resampling. I’ve heard this is a good trick for Livecut too, but Livecut doesn’t play nice with my system and it always crashes, and it kind of always seemed like cheating to me anyway, so I wouldn’t know.

Neil Totton’s "Cuntry Boy" (Fake Money Remix)

I’ve been working with this dude for a few months now, and I’m expecting some cool shit to come of it. Stay tuned or stay ruined.

Here’s the first volley.

Cuntry Boi (Fake Money Remix) by Fake Money


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