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Back in 2000/2001, I did an apprenticeship at an auto body shop with an awesome bodyman named Rocket.  He showed me the ropes, taught me welding and plastic and frame work and hundreds of little tricks to un-crashing cars. One day he bought me a $100 ratchet from the Snap-on truck. I stayed in the trade for 5+years and bought myself a whole mess of tools. That ratchet saw action every day, and I still use it on my bikes.

This plugin is kind of like that. It’s Krazy glue and duct tape and touch-up paint in a travel case. For seventy bucks, you get a nice parametric EQ, two compressors, a very nice saturator, a multiband gate, a de-esser and an exciter, all with flexible routing and monitoring for each module. The gate alone is worth the price of admission. There’s a lot of expensive, overhyped shit out there, and I hate gear talk, but once in a while it’s just like damn, this is a nice tool. It sees action on every production that comes out of the lab.

The guy behind Voxengo is a very serious Russian dude named Alexey Vaneev and his plugins have stupid names, but they are all well-designed and sound great. When he goes on vacation (like right now) the whole place shuts down. He’s basically the corner bodega of nice effects and it’s good to have him on the block.


The Bandcamp page has gotten a facelift.


Crazy Nick lost his corner store and got his missing Squarebuilt back in the same weekend. Here’s the video, featuring a few Josie tracks.

No Way Josie EP Release Ride @Soulcycle

This thing is going to sell out, so sign up if you wanna! I’ll be spinning for the class and the afterparty and we’ll be performing some of our tracks live.

To CELEBRATE the DEBUT EP from NoWayJosie- we are going to INVADE Soulcycle!
Thursday November 17th @ 7:30pm
be ready to dance and fist-pump your way through a killer work out!

1. Download the EP for FREE
2. Memorize every word.
3. Sign up on Monday at noon for a bike
4. Show up Thursday ready to PARTY + SWEAT your FACE OFF

PLUS we will be raffling off a pair of custom leggings from MessQueenNYC!
Even if you don’t get a bike- show up anyway to have a drink, enter the raffle, and shake your booty! We’ll be cranking out the tunes until 9:30pm.  

You don’t want to miss this night!

No Way Josie: EP Teaser Video

Thanks to AJ Annunziata for shooting and editing this, and for letting us foul up his roof with our feathers. It could have been worse–we’d planned to smash wine bottles.

In with the MF New

This is my new web site. I hope you like it.

The import function seems to have worked pretty well and all the old blog content is up here. A lot of the embedded stuff doesn’t work so I’ll be fixing that bit by bit in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the old blog is still around at

Thanks for dropping by.


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