Bass Culture this Friday

It’s time! The Facebook event page is here. It’s an interesting, eclectic bill…in particular, some of the Hugsnotdrugs sets on their Soundcloud page are absolutely insane and I can’t wait to see how their stuff works on the big speakers. Bwomp.

I’m gonna go ahead and repost the awesome bio they wrote up for me (apparently they came up with these just by listening to stuff on the artists’ Soundcloud pages. Way to not phone it in, y’all, I’m impressed!)


the scene is familiar: you’re walking down city streets when the bars a letting out, still wearing ray bans, still smoking your export a golds, and still looking for another party. it’s with acute awareness and heightened senses that you are absorbing the lights and the dewy smell of the early morning pavement, but you’re craving the groove. Putting in your earbuds and pressing play, you’re thrown into mid-sidewalk groove by the music traveling to your brain: FAKE MONEY.

Bottom out and stomp to FAKE MONEY’s sub heavy pulse, or california 2-step to his electfunkronica. while you’re getting sexy, FAKE MONEY is engaging your limbic system via frequency and vibration, and flooding your brain with sweet, sweet, dopamine.

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