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Drop A Few My Way

Gotta love Doug.

Check out http://dougscripts.com.┬áDude’s scripts are way rad. A lot of them are geared towards organizing iTunes libraries, and a few of them (like this one) use iTunes as a tool to do other tasks. This one is called a “droplet” which makes me fond of it off the bat. One of my favorite new OH SNAP DAWG tricks is this script he wrote called “Drop A Few My Way” which uses iTunes to convert audio file formats. I make a lot of MP3s for web and this is by far the easiest way I’ve found to do it. You can do individual tracks or batches.

Grab the file, follow the instructions to put it in your iTunes scripts folder, then drag a copy of it someplace convenient, like the Dock.

Then you can drag any audio file on to the icon and it will give you a short list of audio formats to choose from. Pick one, specify a directory to drop the converted file and it will spit out a copy in no time. iTunes immediately “forgets” the event, so you’re not cluttering up your library.

I cannot stress enough how awesome this is. And most of his stuff is donationware, so if you like it, throw the dude a few bucks.

I also cannot stress how awesome this EP is:

This kid has a studio in my building and his tracks are awesome. I heard a few of these through the wall as he was working on this record and I’m psyched to see it out there. He’s recently hooked up with the Trouble and Bass crew and is going to be getting some good exposure to augment his already-solid fan base. I’ve definitely cribbed a few style notes from him in my recent productions. Nasty swing and clean bass–dude’s got a good ear. The EP is out January 31!

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